Traditional warm-ups zap valuable strength and energy… and ultimately, performance suffers. Even worse, the typical warm-up will increase the risk of injury! If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere with your training, then discover the real secrets to effective workouts.

Most strength training warm-ups are a complete waste of time and many are counterproductive. They lack structure and purpose, resulting in a poor workout or worse, injury! Throw tradition out the window. The days of doing unnecessary and non-specific aerobic work followed by the mindless, boring and sedating act of static stretching as part of your warm-up are long gone. Research shows that there are better ways to increase strength during your workouts. The art is being able to apply that science to your training. Keep in mind that the goal of a proper warm-up is performance, not fatigue!

The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is the best training investment you will ever make. It could be the difference between setting a personal record or lost time due to needless injury.

It should go without saying that not only do you need to train, but you need to train hard if you seek real results. Like just about anything in life, you get what you put in. Most people today are just going through the motions during their workouts, and then they wonder why they don’t make any true gains. Granted, there are times when you need to pull back a bit, but there are also times when you need to go hard. The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is geared toward the latter.

In order to experience any form of success with weight training – whether it be to improve body composition (i.e., a decrease in body fat and an increase in lean body mass) or to increase strength, speed, power and ultimately performance – you must have effective workouts. And just like any race, the start is crucial!

Pre-exercise preparation, including the often neglected warm-up, can make or break your workout. It is the most misunderstood aspect of training. Traditional warm-ups are seriously flawed. Quite frankly, most people shoot themselves in the foot before they even begin.

I have spent years researching this subject, and in my journey I‘ve discovered some of the most effective, cutting-edge techniques from many of the world’s leading experts. Are you ready to finally get the results that you deserve for your hard effort in the gym? I can’t emphasize this enough: What you do beforehand can make or break your workout! Follow the steps exactly as outlined in the Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD, and you will experience a great workout and all the benefits that follow.

If you are not following the concepts presented in the Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD, you need to start now. It’s the key to maximal performance and preventing what could become a career-ending injury. Don’t wait any longer…

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Who Is John Paul Catanzaro And Why Should You Listen To Him?

John Paul Catanzaro is one of Canada’s leading health and fitness authorities. He is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP) with a Specialized Honours Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. Just visit his websites at and to view some of his accomplishments.

John Paul founded The Catanzaro Group in 2004 with divisions in fitness, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, seminars, and publishing. In 2010, Catanzaro Supplements was introduced, a new line of nutritional supplements with the objective of providing high quality supplements in a convenient form at an affordable rate.

Health and Fitness Expert, JP Catanzaro, on Television!Over the years, John Paul has appeared on television and has written articles for several publications, including American Academy of Health and Fitness (AAHF) Gamut eJournal,, Bodybuilding Italia, canfitpro Magazine, Coaching One-On-One, Dolfzine, FitCommerce, Fitness Business Canada, Fitness Professional Online, Fitness Trainer, Flare,, Intense Fitness, Mens Health,, MuscleMag International, Olympians News, Personal Training on the Net, Planet Muscle, Quest For Advanced Condition,, Testosterone (aka and, and His newsletters are informative and entertaining, and he has provided reviews for numerous sources including the inaugural edition of Sport First Aid in Canada. John Paul has studied under many of the world's top strength coaches and is relentless in his pursuit of professional excellence.

John Paul has authored two books, The Elite Trainer (2011) and Mass Explosion (2013), and has released two DVDs, Stretching for Strengthening (2003) and Warm-Up to Strength Training (2005), which have sold copies worldwide, been featured in several magazines, and have been endorsed by many leading experts. In 2013, John Paul released two new webinars, Strength Training Parameters and Program Design and Body Composition Strategies, providing the latest cutting-edge information to fitness professionals.

John Paul is one of the premier trainers in North America with a reputation for getting his clients in top shape fast. His expertise has not gone unnoticed by other health practitioners who attend his private studio regularly for instruction. Recently, John Paul has begun to attract the attention of fitness-related organizations seeking his lectures and workshops. He has been dubbed the man with the "encyclopedic mind", and once you view his Warm-Up to Strength Training presentation, you’ll understand why!

Warm-Up to Strength Training has been featured in various magazines!Featured in Various Magazines

Warm-Up to Strength Training is geared to the recreational, amateur and professional athlete, as well as to personal trainers, strength coaches and other health-care professionals. The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD highlights limitations and fallacies in traditional warm-up programs and gives practical, researched methods for efficient pre-exercise preparation. It contains vital information for anyone – from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete – wanting to improve performance while avoiding injury.

Warm-Up to Strength Training is used for weight loss and body fat reduction and for increased strength, speed, power, coordination, balance, agility, endurance, flexibility and muscle! It is used to help eliminate back, shoulder and knee pain as well as an assortment of aches and irritations all over the body. Warm-Up to Strength Training has been featured in various magazines, including Can-Fit-Pro, Fitness Business Canada, Iron Man, MuscleMag International, NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal, and Testosterone. Plain and simple, these techniques work!

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"Beginner Or Advanced, Male Or Female, This DVD Is For You!"

Charles Poliquin recommends Warmup to Strength Training "A few weeks ago my colleague John Paul Catanzaro released a DVD called 'Warm-Up to Strength Training.' It shows a plethora of warmup tools ranging from Swiss balls to foam rollers to, of course, free weights. It addresses various methods of warming up, from the correct forms of stretching to dynamic movements using the pendulum approach. The DVD can be used by the neophyte lifter or the experienced strength coach, as it shows many techniques that I'm sure many of my colleagues are not aware of. Performing the techniques illustrated on the DVD will boost your chances of remaining injury free and enable you to use greater loads."
Charles Poliquin
Iron Man Magazine: June 2007, Vol. 66, No. 6, Pg. 46
Fitness Business Canada recommends Warmup to Strength Training "The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is geared to the recreational, amateur and professional athlete, as well as to personal trainers, strength coaches, and other healthcare practitioners. It features various general and specific warm-up methods including a spine warm-up, Swiss ball wake-up routine, Swiss ball warm-up techniques, balance drills, hip mobility exercises, dynamic stretching routine, stretching demonstration, explosive drills for the upper and lower body, Olympic hybrid circuits, as well as sample specific warm-up schemes."
Fitness Business Canada May/June 2007 Issue

Outstanding Results

Warm-Up to Strength Training has received quite a bit of praise. I can’t tell you how many emails I receive every week thanking me.

It's been picked up by Amazon, Quest For Advanced Condition, Muscle Up Canada, and Personal Training on the Net.

Warm-Up to Strength Training has generated interest for seminars as well. In fact, I just presented on this topic at the recent Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) Conference in Toronto.

Here’s some of the feedback that I’ve received on Warm-Up to Strength Training:

"Whenever I meet with John Paul in the office, he has a wealth of information to share. His DVD, Warm-Up to Strength Training, is fundamentally important for the field of weight training and personal fitness. He not only explains the warm-up routines, but also provides solid research to support his claims. This DVD is an excellent way for beginners or elite athletes to either prevent injury and/or make further gains in their routine. I highly recommend Warm-Up to Strength Training."
Dr. Jay Mistry B.Sc, D.C., D.Ac.
Chiropractor, Acupuncturist
"Over the last 8 years working out with John Paul, I've come to realize how important a proper warm-up is for early morning strength training."
John Kitchen
President & Owner, Lansing Buildall
"This is a high quality production. I would recommend it to any athlete looking to advance their training."
Nelson DaSilva
IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
"Catanzaro has produced a highly recommended DVD: Warm-Up to Strength Training. This DVD will show you that while running or walking on the treadmill might increase body temperature - and thus 'warm you up' - this approach does not REALLY prepare you for a demanding strength workout. If you are the type of person who is always looking for an edge you will find it in 'Warm-Up to Strength Training'. John Paul shows you techniques that fire up your nervous system and takes you way beyond the traditional 'warming up'. The result of this is simple: You get to lift heavier weights. The effect is immediate. Do not 'warm up' for this purchase - just get the DVD!"
Karsten Jensen
Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Danish National Elite Sports Institution
"Since being introduced to JP's dynamic warm-up, I use it before every workout, every practice, and every game to help keep me injury free and performing at my best!"
Andre Talbot
Wide Receiver, Toronto Argonauts
"I really liked this DVD because it offered many novel methods to warm-up. My new favorite is the Olympic hybrid circuit No. 2. I feel energized and ready to go afterward!"
Sandi Cruz
Fitness Model

"The Best Strength Training Warm-Up DVD The Fitness Industry Has EVER Seen!"

High Quality Production

Beginner or Advanced, Male or Female, This Video is for YOU!Warm-Up to Strength Training is a high quality production. I hired a top filming and production team headed by John Clark, and boy, did they deliver!

You know my first DVD, Stretching For Strengthening (1st Edition), was shot by amateur video. The lighting wasn’t that great nor was the sound and the camera shook every once and awhile, but the information was solid. How solid? Well, we sold out of that edition in no time – it was in demand and people wanted a copy! I was skeptical at first because of the quality, and since I wanted complete satisfaction from everyone, I offered a money-back guarantee. You know how many people asked for a refund? Zero! Zilch! Absolutely no one! Sure, a few people remarked about the quality, but all were impressed with the information.

This time around, I made it a mission to not only deliver QUALITY INFORMATION, but to also deliver a QUALITY PRODUCTION and that’s exactly what I did. I am POSITIVE that you will agree; in fact, it’s my promise to you!

The whole team from graphic design to web design to camera and production did an outstanding job as far as I'm concerned.

Our model, Anthony Belza, is the current head strength & conditioning coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. By the way, Anthony is not just all "show" as he may appear to be in the DVD. He is quite strong, routinely flipping 800-pound tires and performing bent-knee deadlifts with well over 500 pounds. Last time I measured Anthony, he was 198 pounds with 9.97% body fat so those numbers are quite impressive. He is what we call a classic fast-twitch dominant individual, and if you’ve ever seen Anthony train, he is very diligent with his warm up!

Unlike many DVDs in the industry, Warm-Up to Strength Training is a TOP NOTCH PRODUCTION! Here’s a sample clip.

Take Warm-Up To Strength Training To The Gym With You!

I understand that some people want and need a hard copy to take with them to the gym. The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is equipped with a text insert so you can take the exercises to the gym with you. Each section provides a reference to all the exercises, allowing you to mix and match your own personalized warm-up scheme to suit your specific needs for that day.

Time Is Of The Essence! Two Hours Is Too Long!

This is why Warm-Up to Strength Training is 35 minutes long with information that you can understand and apply right away with NO TIME WASTED! Many people have told me that they just do not have 2 hours to spend to watch a DVD, and for most even an hour is too much! "Give me what I need to know and nothing else!" That’s exactly what I did with Warm-Up to Strength Training – all meat, no filler!

I Promise This Will Be "All Meat And No Filler"… Or Your Money Back!

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New Low Price!!

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

The information contained in this DVD is something people have offered me big money to teach them, and they always hope I'm exclusive with the material. They don't want other people to know their new "secrets." I have had many trainers come to me from all over just to learn a few of these techniques… and these people were willing to pay a lot of money for the knowledge.

It's hard to put a price tag on how valuable the techniques taught in this DVD are, but to me they are like bricks of gold! I use them each and every workout – not only on myself but with my clients. I definitely practice what I preach!

How much do people pay personal trainers and strength coaches for their services?

How much time do people spend in pain because they did not warm-up properly?

If I were to price this DVD based on what it’ll do for you, how it will change your life, I wouldn't be off base to ask for hundreds of dollars or more. It’s really that valuable!

But I'm not going to charge you hundreds of dollars like you would pay if you came to me for my personal training services. I won’t even charge you $100 for that matter. Heck, if you order today, you’ll pay less than a third of that amount!

This DVD debuted on the market for as much as $49.95 and is still being sold by some retailers for that price. HOWEVER, because of reduced copying costs provided by Blu Monster Media and Print Service Inc., Warm-Up to Strength Training is now available to you for a special low price of only $29.95, that’s over a 30% savings!

But wait, it gets better…

Orders from the U.S. or Canada are charged only $5 for shipping and orders outside of North America only $10. Shipping for some DVDs on the market actually cost more than the product itself! I’m not kidding! You will definitely experience a considerable savings for shipping and expect to receive your copy fast!

We just secured an account with a new fulfillment house in the States and these guys are quick! Using USPS first class mail, orders to the U.S. will arrive in as little as 4 days! International orders can make it in 2 weeks if customs co-operate. I don't know of any other operation that can offer that type of speed for a mere $5 to the U.S. and Canada, and only $10 for orders outside of North America. Order your copy of Warm-Up to Strength Training today, and by the time you check your mailbox, it should be there!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Finally, all this comes with my 100% unconditional 60-day money back guarantee. Commit to adding Warm-Up to Strength Training to your routine today, and if you don’t notice improvements in your mobility and strength, or train with less pain, simply return the DVD and I’ll send you your money back. No questions asked!

100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee

Since I have a reputation to keep and I don't want you to take any risk, I am offering an UNCONDITIONAL 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you are not satisfied with Warm-Up to Strength Training, I’ll refund every penny of your purchase price.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!And I mean a true 100%, no-questions-asked, money back offer – not one of those lousy, 'you must prove it didn't work' guarantees!

Order your copy of Warm-Up to Strength Training today and start applying the strategies and techniques to your training. You WILL see immediate results, or I don't want your money. Period.

Is That Fair or What?

That means you can try out all the cutting edge strategies, techniques and routines at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not.

And if they don't produce, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

There is absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don't produce immediate results using these secrets, then I'm the loser, not you.

Look at it this way…

$29.95 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money on other training resources (that probably won’t provide a fraction of the information) this year. You can’t lose!

Test it for up to 8 weeks. I absolutely guarantee that you will love this DVD. I don't want a single cent off anybody who is not 100% happy.

Take advantage of the only NO RISK way to improve your workouts and get the results you always dreamed about.

You’re one click away from the workout of your life!

Grab Your Copy Of Warm-Up To Strength Training NOW!

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Here’s to your success,

John Paul Catanzaro, BSc Kin, CSEP-CEP

Are You Tired of Struggling In The Gym And Getting No Results?

Finally, Here’s Your Chance To Make The Most Of Your Workouts And It Starts With A Quality Warm-Up.

You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest In Warm-Up to Strength Training!

P.S. The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is the best training investment you will ever make. It could be the difference between setting a personal record or lost time due to needless injury. Remember what I said at the beginning of this letter… the goal of a proper warm up is performance not fatigue!

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money On Warm Up Strategies And Methods That Don't Work.

Get Your Copy Of Warm-Up To Strength Training Today!

There's 100% No Risk On Your Part.

P.P.S. If you’re not following the concepts outlined in Warm-Up to Strength Training in your routine, you need to start now. It’s the key to maximal performance and preventing what could become a career ending injury. Don’t wait any longer… Order Now!

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